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General Features of IBC and CSL

There are two types of offshore companies commonly available in Seychelles: an International Business Company (IBC) and a Special License Company (CSL). In order to choose which one to incorporate, it may be useful to take into attention some general considerations about both of them.

International Business Company is usually chosen by those clients who have no tax-planning purposes and are relatively free from fiscal regulations. Then a company is used for merely personal purposes of asset protection and passive hold of property or investments. The circle of clients who can make use of IBC benefits is very diverse: international specialists, Internet businesses, the companies engaged in business with other similar offshore entities, etc.

By incorporating Seychelles International Business Company you get the following benefits: lower government and administration fees, no requirement to filing accounts and returns, no complicated management structure. All these features reduce expenses and prices and simplify the process of company management.

In case you are planning business transactions with counterparties located in high-tax countries, your preferred choice may be Special License Company. It is more costly to create and maintain, but is an appropriate option in many cases, for example to use the benefits of double tax avoidance treaties, or simply demonstrate an image of locally-based corporate entity paying taxes and properly operating in Seychelles.

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