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The International Business Companies Act, 1994, governs the operations of offshore companies. The main type of company for international trade and investment is the Seychelles International Business Company. It is incorporated by filing of Memorandum at the Registry. The Articles of Association can be filed either at the same time or within 30 days of incorporation. Corporate Documents should be filed in English or French. If any other language is used, it must be accompanied by a translation into one of these languages. Company name can be in any language, but must be accompanied by a translation in English or French.

The registration process in Seychelles is simple and straightforward. The Seychelles have one of the fastest IBC Registrars in the world, and the new company may be incorporated during one day. Usual time for incorporation of an IBC is 2 days.

Certain restrictions apply to Seychelles IBC, namely, it can not:

  • conduct trading activities within the Seychelles;
  • own real estate in the jurisdiction;
  • undertake the business of banking, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, asset management, if these are not the company's own assets;
  • provide registered office facilities in the Seychelles;
  • sell its shares to the public.

Name restrictions apply to any name identical or similar to a company already incorporated, also to the name that implies patronage of the Seychelles or any other government, insurance, royal, imperial or any other name that may imply that a company wishes to undertake some undesirable activities or activities that require a license. The suffixes Limited, Corporation, Incorporated, Societe Anonyme, or their abbreviations, should be added to the name of the company to denote limited liability. There is a wide variety of other suffixes that may be used, including BV, GmbH and SARL.

For Seychelles IBC, Registered Office is required and must be maintained in the Seychelles at the office of a licensed Registered Agent. There is no requirement to disclose beneficial ownership to authorities. Shelf companies are available in the Seychelles.

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