Offshore IBC incorporation:
Offshore company formation

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IBC Taxation and Structure

Taxation Seychelles IBC is exempt from local taxation.
Authorised and Issued Share Capital Initially, maximum authorised share capital was US$ 5,000; currently, with the new amendment to the IBC Act, maximum authorised capital is US$100,000. This is one of the largest amounts of authorised capital for an offshore IBC with low annual government fee (USD 100). The minimum issued capital is one share of par or no par value.
Classes of Shares Permitted
  • Registered shares
  • bearer shares
  • shares of no par value
  • preference shares
  • redeemable shares
  • and shares with or without voting rights.
License Fees For an authorised capital of up to US$ 100,000 the annual license fee is US$100. For an authorised capital of over US$100,000 the annual license fee is US$1,000.
Financial Statements There is no requirement to file financial statements, but records must be kept to reflect the financial position of the company.
Directors Minimum one required, who may be a natural person or a corporate body. There are no limitations as to his nationality and residence.
Shareholders Minimum one required.
Company Secretary Required, may be a natural person or corporate body. There are no limitations as to his nationality and residence.

There are other facilities available in Seychelles which can provide some benefits to offshore investors. They include developed trust legislation, additional provisions for the formation and domiciliation of mutual funds and captive insurance companies. The advantages of an International Trade Zone include zero taxation, straightforward application procedures and availability of work and resident permits.

Seychelles laws take a most comprehensive, modern and attractive approach to the establishment and operation of offshore companies, mutual funds, offshore banking, offshore insurance and investment activities.

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