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Economy and Infrastructure

The Seychelles economy is mainly based on tourism and industrial fishing, as well as on quickly developing financial sector which has recently become a significant element of Seychelles economy. The offshore financial industry started to expand with the establishment of the Seychelles International Business Authority, and was promoted by adopting the legislation for the establishment of offshore companies and investment structures. On the Seychelles, there is an increasing number of branches and subsidiaries of international banks and insurance companies. These insititutions, together with accounting and legal firms, provide sufficient support to offshore investors. The exchange control does not apply to 'offshore' business.

The Seychelles International Airport, which is served by Air Seychelles and a number of other airlines, is one of the most modern in the Indian Ocean region. The Port of Victoria is well equipped with modern cargo handling equipment and has more than 6,000 square metres of covered storage space.

Corporate Legislation

The International Business Companies Act 1994, which provided for the registration of International Business Companies and International Trusts. After intensive and thorough studies of other offshore jurisdictions experience and worldwide trust legislation, some other legislative acts were adopted regulating the licensing of offshore banks, offshore insurance and mutual funds activities and securities industry. The most popular product of Seychelles offshore industry is Seychelles International Business company, which is a competitive alternative to IBC's established in other jurisdictions, such as the British Virgin Islands.

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