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  1. Seychelles International Trust is exempted from local taxation subject to the above.
  2. An identifiable beneficiary should be defined at the moment of creation of a Trust. However, beneficiaries can be added and excluded at any time by the Trustees.
  3. A Settlor or Trustee may also be a beneficiary but shall not at any time be the sole beneficiary of the Trust.
  4. There is no disclosure of Trust Beneficiaries to Authorities.
  5. The minimum number of Trustees is one, and he must be licensed in the Seychelles.
  6. The assets of the trust may be anything other than a property situated in the Seychelles or any shares, debentures, or any interests in any body incorporated under the law of a country other than Seychelles.
  7. There is no requirement to file financial statements, but a Trust must keep records to show at any time its financial position.
  8. The language of legislation and documentation is English or French, or in any other language if accompanied by a translation into one of these languages.

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